1. General

Customers and Guests are required to conduct in a polite and responsible manner which may not disturb the neighbors or any of the boat traffic in the harbor. It is not allowed to make any loud noise outside the room after 10pm. In general it is not allowed to have any kind of loud party on Kaj Hotel, unless this has been agreed with us. Failure to comply with this policy may subject the Customer to leave Kaj Hotel and pay an extra charge for the disturbance.

Smoking it is not permitted inside Kaj Hotel. Customers inability to comply with the non-smoking policy will be fined with an extra fixed Charge.

No more than 4 people can stay at the hotel, unless it has been agreed with us in writing. The hotel room is designed for 2 adults and 2 kids/teenagers. If you want to stay 4 adults, please write us and we will talk the stay through with you. 

The Customer is accountable for any damage or loss caused to Kaj Hotels property by the Customer and/or its Guests. The Customer could be charged for the reparation, cleaning and replacement of the damaged property.

No animals are allowed inside Kaj Hotel.

Bookings are not accepted by persons under the age of 18. Guests under 18 years are required to be accompanied by a person of legal age for accommodation at the hotel.

Kaj Hotel may change the content of its Terms and Conditions and it is subject to versioning. Customers will not receive a notice of these changes. However, the Customer consent was given to a specific version of Terms and Conditions and that, and only that version, will continue to apply to that Booking.

Any new Bookings will agree to the updated version of Terms and Conditions, which will be available on Kaj Hotels website. Therefor it is recommended that Customers read and understand our Terms and Conditions before completing the Booking.

2. Reservations

Reservations made through the website have to be guaranteed to a valid credit card. First and last name on the reservation must match the guest’s ID card. 

To complete Bookings, Customers will be required to provide general personal data, such as first name, last name, email and/or telephone number. Additional information may be asked by Kaj Hotel and provided by Customer, but not required, such as country of residence, preferred language and other customer related general information.

The Booking is completed when Kaj Hotel approves the reservation by email.


Please note that a credit card fee may apply when paying by certain credit cards.


The rates agreed upon are based on the information, which were submitted at the time of reservation. 

In the event of changes related to length of stay, number of persons and add-on or removal of products and/or services such like the hotel reserves the right to alter the agreed rates. 

Required Customer changes will be accommodated based on capabilities.

3. Rates and payment

All rates are in Danish Kroner. There will not be added any VAT to the rates, since a houseboat is not subject to VAT.

Full payment is required to book.

Customers may inquire additional charges during their stay which are not included in the Booking for some Rates, including the minibar, rental of the dingy or purchase of one of our branded oversized jackets. Customers will be informed of the additional charges upon Customer request or during Check-out.

4. Cancellations

If a cancelation is made more than 14 days prior to the booking date, customers will get a full refund, yet we charge up to 10% of the amount depending on which creditcard charges that was added to the initial payment. For Giftcard-bookings we hold back 10% in handling fee.

If a cancellation is made up to 7 days prior, we will refund 50% of the payment – or offer you a new date.

In the event of booking cancellation made within 7 days of the booking, the customer will have to pay the whole bill.

If a cancellation is made, Kaj Hotel can accept that the booking can be modified by changing the name of the guest – as long as these guests are not under the age of 18 and respects and live up to the terms and conditions. It is the payer of the stay who will be held accountable for any action violating our terms and conditions.

If the Customer fails to give notice before 12 PM on the day of arrival and/or fails to arrive (no show), the Booking will be referred to as Cancelled and the Customer must pay the full amount of the Booking Charges.

Kaj Hotel can cancel Bookings due to unavailability or any circumstances outside Kaj Hotel. In this case the Customer will receive a full refund of the Booking made, including any additional booking fees paid.

Kaj Hotel may cancel any Booking if the payment details provided by the Customer are invalid and cannot provide a valid payment replacement details.

5. Check-in and check-out

Check-in time at Kaj Hotel is from 3 PM. Early Check-in can be made based on room availability and upon Customer request. No additional fees required. If room availability cannot be provided, Guests can leave their baggage with the housekeeping (and are welcome to rent our dingy in the wait).

Check-out time is until 11 AM. Late Check-out until 12 PM is complimentary and based on room availability. No additional fees required.

6. Disclaimer

Kaj Hotel is only responsible for the security of its facilities and the accommodation, products and services it provides.

Customer agrees that all the above are for private use only. If you want to use the location of Kaj Hotel for a photoshoot or anything of commercial value, you need to have permission to do so in writing from Kaj Hotel.

Kaj Hotel is not responsible for any property loss, loss of profit or loss of business.