Our story

Having built and lived on our own houseboat since 2006, we have often been contacted by people who wanted to rent it or asked what it is like to live there. The idea for KAJ Hotel arose in the wake of these questions, which were almost impossible to answer unequivocally, as the houseboat experience can vary depending on wind and weather conditions, as well as what time of day you are there. The answer therefore is: Every moment has its charm, and you have to try it for yourself.

KAJ Hotel was built according to the same principles as our own houseboat; Primarily from recycled and surplus materials. Partly, because the budget does not run wild, but also because we are in love with the idea of ​​giving things a second life. Moreover, we always feel more at home in surroundings with a history rather than new and impersonal ones. This approach to materials automatically makes the construction- and maintenance process a constantly changing one, where the discovery of e.g. an old door or window can change design and decisions. KAJ Hotel therefore guarantees that your first experience here will be different from your second or third visit, and we encourage our revisiting guests to look for the quirky changes and sustainable upgrades.

“We built KAJ Hotel to share the joy of living on a houseboat with other people who also appreciate being close to the water, while living in the middle of a big city.”

— Barbara and Toke, KAJ Hotel’s owners 

Our materials

Facade: Recycled patio boards

Windows: Originates from Kuglegården (former Danish defense command)

Round windows and door: Genbyg (local shop for recycled building materials)

Iron foundation: Old railroad poles

Stairs and gangway: Recycled from ship