There are many great walks/runs in this area – as this area has been owned by the marine for decades.

  • The old Marine station is right opposite the boat (facing north) and has many cool marines and submarines to explore… and many very beautiful buildings to admire and a 250m rubber runningtrack. Every morning and evening a canon ’shoots’ /salutes the sun -rise and -set. Nice place to go for a short morning run.
  • Copenhill is Copenhagen’s epicenter for urban mountain sports just 15-20 min walk away. You can go skiing, hiking, climbing (on a terrifying high wall) – or just take the elevator to the top and enjoy the spectacular views of Copenhagen – try to see if you can spot Kaj Hotel. Fun fact: The hill is the roof on the waste to energy power station.
  • The freestat Christiania is not a personal favourite – yet a must see if you are a tourist and only 15 min walk away (or take the bus 2A – approximately 3 stops). During the summer they have decent outdoor concerts (with Danish performers/bands) every Sunday from around 17 o’clock, free of charge.
  • A tour around the ’lakes’. This is also a (nicer and more rural) part of Christiania… Great running track approximately 5 k, if you turn around/head home when you reach the bridge taking you to Christiania – but you can also expand to 7 or 8k if you include the lake on the other side of the ‘main road’ or 10/11k if you go all the way down to Islandsbrygge along the waterfront.  You find the track by passing Noma and continue till you can go right, then turn right again – into the ‘path’ leading you to the backside of Christiania. If you want to see Noma from another perspective, go up on the ‘hill/fortress/ditch’ on the road on your right, just before Noma.
  • The opera house (placed on the axis Amalienborg/ Mærsk garden) 5 min walk.
  • If you want to go all in on the sustainable experience, rent a ’go boat’ down at Islandsbrygge and sail around the canals as your own captain. (yet these boats go very slow – as the engine is sunpowered – so rent at least for 2-3 hours).
  • Alternatively call up ’Hey Captain’ and go on one of their guided tours (from Ophelia beach (right opposite the harbour – see map)) – or rent a ’private tour’. If you write them an email, they will be happy to pick you up here.
  • Or the obvious option: rent our dinghy ODA, just underneath Kaj Hotel.
  • Alternatively go to www.greenkayak.org  – select Denmark/Copenhagen – and book one (or 2) of the green Kayaks for 2 hours. The deal is that you kayak around the harbour and pick up plastic and rubbish from the water. It is for free – and the kayaks are open – and fits 2 adults (one adult, one kid). The 2 nearest pickup points are: ‘Friendships’ and ‘Lets Sushi’ Christianshavn.
  • Copenhagen Contemporary – is an Art Center on Refshalevej 173A. Quite cool exhibitions and normally children-focussed too.
  • Our personal favourite is ‘lille bakery’ and ’la banchina’ – a little charming ’shack’ on ’Refshaleøen’ (see map) serving great coffee and pastries in the morning and simple lunch and dinner. Walk there along ‘Krudtløbsvej’ – if you want a charming route with lots of houseboats – and some really nice new established houses…
  • They also have a very cool little heated Sauna (40kr per person) if you feel like a dip. (15-20 min walk away – or you can take the harbour bus to ‘Refshaleøen’ (end stop on line 992) – and walk for 2-3 min. 
  • The whole area around Refshaleøen is worth a walk!




Towards North/ Refshaleøen

La Banchina serves really good coffee, pastries, lunch and simple dinner, with nice wines (not exactly cheap). If the sun is out – it can be difficult to get a real seat, but you can always sit on the ’banchinas’ – worth the experience. (and bring your swimmingsuit).

Lille bakery – open for breakfast and lunch. Breakout-noma-chef who has startet a little bakery famous for their ‘dougnuts /pastries’ and bread. But also has some nice lunch servings.

Reffen – the big streetfood market, further out from La banchina (Refshaleøen). 

Right around the corner

Kontikibar /Færgen Ellen – an old ferry, in the canal right behind the Operahouse (2 min. walk from here). They have an import of organic and biodynamic wine and serve decent food too. Stunning maritime views.

Further towards Christianshavn

If you are a vegan/do not mind eating delicious vegan food – try out ’Morgenstedet’ at Christiania… Very simple/ worn down interior – but good and tasty food for no money. (They also do Take-away).

Poplburger – AKA the Noma Burger. Organic beef burger or a Veggie or vegan burger made from a quinoa pattie, handmade in Noma’s fermentation lab. Pre-orders are recommended (through a link on their website). If you choose to make an order at the door, there is less of a queue between 2pm-4.30pm.

Right next to Popl you find the very popular HART bakery! Renowned for their sourdough loafs and pastries.

Parterre – great little local morning café/ coffee shop.

Sankt annæ 8 – on Christianshavn (sankt annæ gade no. 8) . Very cosy little place, that serves the dish of the day (around 120 kr) and good wine.

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE (mind you – this is Copenhagen – everything is expensive)

56 degrees 4 min away. Used to have a ’dish of the day’ but have changed it to more classical/fine dining with a 3 course menu – lovely, organic and Nordic cuisine style.

Nærvær towards Christianshavn (walk along the harbourfront). They have great views over the harbour and a ’bar menu’ with 7-8 dishes to choose from (around 100kr each) – try as many – and share them between you. 

Lalala – French down to earth/ trendy restaurant. In the summer you can sit outside in their ’orangerie’. (right across the streat from Nærvær).

Restaurant Canalen – (4 min. further away than lalala) Also by the canale, decent meal – not cheap, not too expensive. Very classical.

Boat house (Great views over the harbour and direct view of Nyhavn – around the corner from Nærvær). They have a very broad menu – from Asian (Sushi) to US (Pizza and Burgers). Good quality, great views and good service (which is not a given in Cph, unfortunately). 

Undici – Italian restaurant at Christianshavn. Same owners as Skt. Annæ 8. Go for the set-menu as this is best value for money.


Noma (the worlds top 1-3 best restaurant)… Nordic food. – If you have booked at least 6 months in advance, that is… But only 5 min away – so go and check it out.

Nærværs  gourmet dinner. They only have capacity for 12 people in total – never tried it – supposed to be good.

Amas – Could have been a Michelin, if they had wanted it to be. But they specifically avoid being nominated. Everything is self-grown and organic – and many ‘foodies’ prefer it to Noma. As it is more ‘down to earth’. Located on Refshaleøen 15-20 min walk from here.

108 (Part of the Noma family – Michelinstar restaurant) – but they also have a coffeshop/bar right next to is that serves coffee and pastries in the moring/during the day.

If you want to try some classical danish ’smorgesbord’ 

Schönneman (at hauserplads) and Aamans are the 2 most ’gourmet’ (also reflected in the price – and you need to book in advance)… Gitte Kik is the most ’traditional’ along with ’kanal cafeen’.