Dear guests,

Welcome to Kaj Hotel. We are delighted to host you on our precious little houseboat hotel – which we have built our self. This is a list of nice to know and need to know, that we hope you will respect. We have also made a list of ‘things to do in the area’ – as there are a lot of cool little hidden places in this hood for you to explore.

The only rules you MUST respect;

TOILETS – As the toilets are connected to a pump system, NOTHING apart from natural waste and toilet paper can be flushed out in the toilet. This strict restriction includes tampons, cotton, ear sticks, condoms, any kind of tissues – basically no nothing. PLEASE respect this, as the toilets will stop functioning and we need to engage a plummer on your expense.

NO SMOKING – no smoking inside.

Other practical nice to know

WIFI – Name: TOVE  // code: 0dafrederiksholm (the O in Oda – is a ‘zero’…)

HEATING – When you turn on the heat-pump, make sure to point the remote control at the pump, and make sure you hear a ‘bib’ – give it 2 min. to start. Don’t panic. It can heat up the room in a few minutes. Please turn the heating off when you leave the room (bathroom floor and heat pump).

WATER – We are supplied with water from ’main land’. The water is fresh Copenhagen drinking water supplied from the chalk underground of Denmark. So don’t worry – you will never run out of water, and you can perfectly drink it. 

HOT WATER – We have a 60liter boiler – so if you are more than 2 people, please expect a 20 min. break between showers.

COFFEE/TEA – Please help yourself to the coffee and tea we have provided. We will refill every day if you live here more than a day. Feel free to take any leftover coffee with you when you leave.

PORRIDGE – The innovative chef Bo Lindegaard is the man behind Kaj Hotels organic porridge mix. We have provided you with all the necessary ingredients: Milk, fruit, juice and sugar – to make it just like you prefer. Please be aware/do not eat it, if you are allergic to any of the following ingredients: (Oatmeal, rye flakes, dinkel wheat, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, grounded; cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, fennel, salt & sugar)

GARBAGE/ WASTE – There is a small container for garbage in the drawer under the sink– or you can use the ‘basket’ on the floor (for dry garbage; bottles and plastic). If you want to leave it outside, make sure you place it in the blue plastic container, as the seagulls will attack it if it is left in the open.

FURNITURE – The furniture can be moved around as you prefer. The 2 black stools can be taken out on the balcony used as extra chairs around the small yellow table. The table can be placed outside and inside. Only remember to take the stools inside during the night/if raining.

KAYAK/SUP BOARD – Are located underneath the house, and are for your availability free of charge. Let us know if you want to use them, and we will provide you with paddles and lifewests.

DINGHY – ODA is also moored under the houseboat. You can rent her for 500kr for the first hour. 800kr for 2 hours and 1000kr for 3 hours. Let us know, and we will provide you with the key and a 3 min crash-course.

PRIVATE – We encourage you to put the ‘PRIVATE’ sign up on the gangway, as people passing by tend to walk all the way up to the windows, if it is not on…

SHOPPING – The nearest supermarket is ‘NETTO’ further down Danneskiold-Samsøes Alle (this road) on your left (just after you have passed a canal) 10 min walking.

SWIMNING – We highly encourage you to go for a swim/dip. The water in the Copenhagen harbour is clean – but take care of all the boat traffic in the canal.

KIDS – Always keep an eye on your kids when on board Kaj Hotel. Especially if they can’t swim. We can provide you with life vests in almost any size if needed.

ROOMSERVICE – If you are living here for more than 3 days we will contact you personally to arrange how and when roomservice will take place.

SITTING SUITS – If you want to sit outside, please help yourself to wrap yourself up in one of our amazing oversized ‘jackets’ AKA sitting suits. If you want to buy one to bring home, we have a few extras in stock. Price: 995 kr.

SLIPPERS – Are left in the righthand drawer at the end of the bed. We kindly ask you to place them outside of the drawer if you have used them, so we know that they need to be washed or put in the freezer for 24hours, before our next guests arrive.

TAKEAWAY – If you download the WOLT app – or go to you can order takeaway from all over the city – brought to the door step.

TAXI – We recommend Dantaxi who you reach on (45) 48 48 48 48 or through their app. Tell them to pick you up at Danneskiold Samsøes Alle 55 (the corner of the big brick building called ‘Kedelsmedjen’) as the address 57z does not appear in their system.

The minibar

Copenhagen distillery DRY GIN, 500ml; 400kr

Copenhagen distillery DRY GIN, 50 ml; 65kr (tonic included) 

Copenhagen distillery Single Malt Whisky First Edition 9ml; 2000kr (yes, it is insane! They persuaded us to have it on offer)

Wine; 350kr

Beer; 20kr, or refill with your own beer

Payment: Danish guest can mobile pay to 61683336 or we can send an additional request

REMEMBER TO HAVE A GREAT TIME – and always to call us on our mobiles, if you are in doubt about anything, so we can guide you in how to do things.

Barbara: +45 6168 3336

Toke: +45 5131 6613